Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inanimate Objects - The Necklace

Scrambling to keep up, this poem will need some more editing. But for now, you get the rough cut. Day 8 of the November PAD Chapbook Challenge.

Break the Chains

Heart-Shaped Necklace

Oh brittle heart, the hand
that shaped you, jagged,
flawed, once part drink
and shell, where pearls bloomed
from sand and friction, you embody
lover’s loyalty through lifetimes,
memory loss, meetings anew,
the heart placed in man-
made holder to be embraced
upon a throbbing chest, the one
he loved best, or so he swore,
for one minute stretched
beyond her mind past
infinity of time. Oh brittle
heart, you’re out of order now,
imperfections brought you down
sold the heart from love’s
weightless words, now just
a broken chain, forgotten
inside dusty drawer.