Saturday, August 3, 2013

Do You Dog Paddle When You Skinny Dip?

Did that title get your attention? Well, I am writing about water after all.

It was an un-explainable summer. It started weird, became wonderful, and then got weird again. I won't go on about the strangeness. The recurring numbers. The messages. My interpretations.

Instead, I'm starting over from this moment, trying to let everything fall behind me. I had a wonderful time with family, but I feel backed up and dissatisfied with most of my writing from the past several weeks.

Driving is meditative for me. I had my best brainstorms while I was darting in and out of traffic. Unfortunately, I let those thoughts slip away like water over my fingers. Even the one below would not flow. No. Not even when the theme was water.

Photo of Water
Invitation to Escape


Water droplets inviting
yet off-limits, clarity sinks
inside overheated
emotions, streaming
thoughts pour, melding
with forbidden pool
below, too far
from reach, sub-
merged under tears,


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