Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Postcard Poetry Project - Days Three and Four

So far I'm doing pretty well at keeping up with the Postcard Poetry Challenge. It's the other things in life I'm struggling with. For instance:

  • Maybe my work-in-progress needs a new title.
  • Maybe it should just be thrown into the fire.
  • Maybe I should not worry so much? (It's just a phase, dahlinks. Just a phase.)

Below are my Postcard Poems for days three and four. Yes, Dad has been on my mind. In the first postcard, there is a message to her dad written on the picture. I guess that's why I was drawn to the photo.

Day Three Postcard

Day Three - Pushing Up Daisies by Linda G Hatton

Day Four Postcard

Day Four - Home Movies by Linda G Hatton

I'm learning some things through this process, such as how hard it is for me to write clearly with a pen anymore. I used to have the best handwriting. I imagine it's like riding a bike though. If I revert back to handwriting my journals the way I used to, it will come back to me, right?

Also, a couple of the postcards I've received had been postmarked over the top of the poems, so I'm trying to write mine farther down from the top edge now. 

Since I've been using a felt tip pen on some, I wonder how they are holding up through the mail. I hope they are not getting wet and then smearing. 

I think I might even like to continue with this when August is over. We'll see how I am at the end. 


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  1. I like seeing what you are doing with this challenge. Thanks for sharing!