Thursday, May 3, 2012

Time Management for Writer Moms

When time is so precious. Time to spend with children. Time to write. Time to hide in the bathroom for your date with that box of cookies. The mystery is how to find enough.

These tips on time management for mothers might help . . .


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  1. Time management for moms and clutter-free home are all helpful links! I'm going to apply them, especially the part where the kids help out. Finding time has really been an issue with moms that I also wrote a blog about it here:
    But it's more about when I write. Yours is about making time to write. I think we compliment each other. :o)

  2. Oh darn. I just wrote out a comment on your blog in response to your post, but it looks like I lost it. Unless it's awaiting moderation. Anyway, I was saying that I was impressed with your schedule. You must be very good at time management! I have learned to carry my Nook with me for those few minutes here and there when I have to wait for my kids.


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