Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Saying Goodbye to National Novel Writing Month

Just because National Novel Writing Month is over doesn’t mean my book is finished. 

This year I scrambled to put together a rough outline: one I could refer to when my pantsing hands were stuck. It came in handy. My work-in-progress is just over 50,000 words (so far) and even better, my 13-year-old daughter approves of my story. She liked it so much, she left a note on my iPad saying my story was “amazingly written” and that she could “not put it down.” That’s enough to keep me writing through to the end.

A funny thing: You know me and license plates, right? I don’t always read into them (it just sort of happens), but today I saw one relevant to my story. It was perfect timing because tomorrow morning I have a date with my writing partner to carry on with our novels. And yes, I will leave you hanging.

Something About Turtles

For tonight, I am creating mini-chapbooks of my poems. Each book contains six pieces.
Mini Poetry Chapbooks

But back to novels. 

Many of my friends also “won” NaNoWriMo. Does that mean they finished their stories or just wrote the required 50,000 words? I’m not sure.

How about you? Did you participate and, if so, were you able to make it to the end? 

Happy writing!



  1. This is fantastically great news!!! ~ Meena

  2. Pleasing your daughter...that is good news. :) Love the chapbook covers. I look forward to reading your novels.

  3. Winning NaNoWriMo (i.e. writing 50,000 words) is definitely not the same as finishing a story... NaNo focuses on producing a first draft. The real work comes in the editing! But massive congrats for getting there.

    Also, wow, I love the look of your mini chapbooks. Beautiful!

    1. Sophie, Thank you so much!
      It was my third time "winning" NaNo and one of the books I have completed after much editing (you're right in saying that was a lot of work!).
      I appreciate your visit!