Thursday, October 24, 2013

My Life in Your Circus

The below poem was written for this week's Poetic Asides prompt

"For this week’s prompt, write a circus poem. It could be a three-ring circus, media circus, flea circus, or any other interpretation. It could be about people in the circus or those watching the circus. It could be about animals, clowns, tents, vendors, peanuts, etc."

(Don’t) Take Me to the Circus

Please do not clown
around with my heart, force
me to balance bowling pins
(and your insecurities)
on my head or chin, toss
me peanuts to make up
for your lack
of attention (when
I was nuts about you), make me
travel your tightrope without being
there to catch me when I fell
(for you). Spend some time walking
in my over-sized
shoes. You will see
I became my own ring-
master when you left me.


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