Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Eighteen Feet - Sea Monsters Do Exist

This poem is written for the Poetic Asides prompt, "Fishy," and in honor of the sea creature found off the coast of California

What Lives Under the Water?

Oh, sea monster found
off the coast of Catalina,
your weighty carcass carried
by sea sand and waves
the way it did when you were
swimming. Sixteen
people hoisted you out, clutching
at eely skin, your power
plucked away by seedy depths
of death's grasp, planting
gripping nightmares of sea
creatures in all who dare dip
with risk of mystifying
creatures, set to visit
during closed-eyed midnight
dips, shock us back to the reality
we are not the lone
commanding inhabitants
of this great planet.


1 comment:

  1. Your weighty carcass carried by sea sand and waves. I can feel it. Sad. Like your poem, Linda.