Tuesday, September 10, 2013

You Can Do It - Your Dreams Will Tell You So

As some of you might recall from one of my earlier posts, “Follow Your Dreams,” I often look to my dreams for assistance in guiding my life.

Photo of Line of Semi Trucks on the Freeway
Not Too Much Truck to Handle

Just last night I had an unusual dream in which I was driving a semi. I had pulled it onto a narrow street where there was no room to turn it around or get out. I stepped outside of the truck cab, feeling defeated. I was stuck.

After a few minutes though, I got back inside, determined to get it out of that place.

It was easy after all!

I backed it up just a bit and then gassed it back out onto the street. I saw a stairway ahead. I could hear all of the people’s thoughts. You’re never going to make it. You can’t drive a semi up there!

I ignored them. Yes, I could - and I would - drive a semi up those steps.

I proceeded.

I made it to the top where bystanders were staring, their mouths hanging open, amazed at what they had just witnessed.

As a reminder, in dreams, cars are a symbol of your life, so in essence, my car/life has turned into one I can hardly handle, morphing into “too much truck for me.”

Once I stepped away from it for a minute, I was able to let go of my frustration and believe in myself, regardless of what others thought. And then I accomplished what everyone doubted in me.

So if you doubt yourself and your dreams, I am here to verify, as witnessed in my dream:

 Your life is not too much truck for you. You can do it!