Thursday, September 19, 2013

Are You Secretly Sick?

Written for the Wednesday Poetic Asides prompt, Illusion

Photo of woman's face
Her Suffering is Her Secret


She wears a smile around
her space, bounce in her
curls, walks with endless
grace. Her time is shorter
than the rest, no need to spend
it irritated, regurgitating
woes of aches and bodily
failures. To the world, youth
has blessed her like no
other. Inside, age has had its grip
on joints and muscles
from the moment of her arrival,
fighting for survival, story
of an illusion only she
has read. 



  1. Thank you for writing this, Linda. As always, it's well-written and very moving.

  2. Her time is shorter than the rest. Haunting.

  3. I like this poem. So much can be hidden behind a buoyant young face. I have a teen daughter who is a consummate actress. Then too, I don't know anyone who does not have something they keep hidden, whether a physical frailty or deep-seated fear. Maybe there will be a part two of this poem exploring why she feels she must keep the truth hidden behind a facade.

  4. This is true. I think most, if not all people carry some sort of secret. Good thoughts about a part 2. Thank you for visiting.

  5. I think that haunting is a good word for this. Thank you.