Monday, June 10, 2013

What Makes You Tremble?

It's late. I'm tired. I'm out of order. Well, not me. My poeming. (I skipped Day 6, but will get back to it later.)

The below poem is for the day 7 prompt, tremble 

Photo of Lovers
Soul Mates

Generally Speaking

Every girl hungers for that
man who makes her self-
less, forgets that she
is human, brings her home

to her soul. Every girl
craves the brush
of scratchy bad-boy
stubble upon her inn-

ocent thighs, the man
who pens her love notes
in his sleep, the man sleep
breaks away from, spirit 

out scouting sultry
energy. Every girl
wants a man burned in-
to her mind, primal touches

flaring fires on her
routines, forgetting all except
his anguish at her absence.
Every girl wants that man. 

[Obviously, not every woman wants this. But tonight, this is how I roll.]



  1. I am not sure if that is what all women want but there is one thing I am sure of....I like this poem :-)