Monday, April 1, 2013

April Poem-A-Day Challenge - Poem 1

Wow! It's hard to believe that another poem challenge is here - the 2013 April PAD Challenge with Robert Lee Brewer!

I'm excited! Robert's prompts help keep my old(er) brain challenged.

Photo of woman in bed
Dreaming Up Poems

The Arrival of a New Challenge

Just when sleepless couldn’t get
any more exhausted, April stepped

in and brought a mountain of prompts
to keep my mind working day into night,

dreaming pushed aside for a pencil,
notepad, computer, text message

to myself, a zombie marching through fields
of words like bones, stacked

together, a jigsaw of thoughts,
looking on to the daylight of May

first where sleep calls my name,
promising only a moment of rest

before the next challenge called some-
thing like submit-o-rama.



  1. First, thank you for the linky-mention! :) But what I really want to focus on is this:

    a zombie marching through fields
    of words like bones, stacked

    That is going to haunt me for at least a week! I love it, Linda. Somehow it's both beautiful and semi-horrifying at the same time. And I love the ending of a line on "stacked," which is such a strongly punctuated word (especially next to "softer" words like "words" and "bones" and "fields")! Love it!

  2. Wow! What a delicious comment! (Better than bones!) LOL . . . seriously though. Your words gave me the biggest smile. Thank you, Khara!

  3. Wow, too early and pushed for time to even attempt a comment like Khara, but wanted you to know I'd read you poem and like it alot. Have fun and think of all the poems you will have at the end of April. I'm still in a funky space and can't focus enough to write, so no PAD for me this year. I'll enjoy following yours. :)