Thursday, January 10, 2013

Them's the Breaks

I've been taking one. A break. Slowly, I'm getting back into the swing. Transferring poems from my journal to my computer, putting away the holidays, participating in Poetic Asides.

Below is my attempt for today:

Photo of Miles by Linda G Hatton

If I Were My Child

I would hold my own hand,
mosey along lily-pad pond, skip
a day or two of (pre)occupation
about being right, rock
myself awake, dab at my own
fears, dabble in anything
that pushed me away, listen
for a dollar, then listen for nothing
more than warmth
of knowing love is the means,
but not guaranteed.


  1. Really great close-up photo, Linda! Congrats on transferring your writing to the computer.

  2. To 'dab at ones own fears is a wonderful concept'. Hope you are well and sliding into the new year comfortably.