Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I have some catching up to do. After two weeks away from cyberland - and now facing a mound of laundry, dishes, and holiday clutter - I feel disoriented.

I took a journey and remembered to take some photos for the "journey" prompt. Tonight though when I looked through my files, I found this:

It was like my dad was there with me on the trip.

The name, "Reinke" always reminds me of him (it contains part of his name). We were somewhere in California when I saw this; the plates on the truck are Washington where he lived. The nickname, "Honey," reminds me of him, too. Oh, and the number 19 was his birthday.

So there you go, a "sign" for me, and from me to you (for the picture prompt).

Safe travels, wherever your path may lead you.


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