Thursday, September 13, 2012

Recycling Into Art

I’ve wanted to clear my house of things I don’t need for some time now. I do a little bit at a time, but it seems like the amount of stuff we have never gets any smaller. And now that I’m making these cards for the craft fair. I’ve realized what a perfect time it is to forego buying supplies and use what I have around the house instead.

Here are some of my collage creations from today.

I had the most fun working on the one on the bottom right, although it's not finished. It's a tri-fold card and I put the most work into it with a large collage inside.

Just now my son put a cereal box in my spot when I got up from the sofa. At first I told him to take care of it; then after I looked at the nice drawing on the backside, I decided I can use it in my collage-style cards. The box will leave my house, eventually.

I was thinking over what other items I could make for the sale, and bookmarks came to mind. I came across a great idea today on Green Paper; making bookmarks from old book spines. I love these. I can’t bring myself to tear apart my old books though, no matter what condition they’re in. I do like admiring the bookmark creations there though. Beautiful!

I sense a successful house-clearing over the next several months, and a filling instead of my heart with art.




  1. I love the idea of collage. Here's another friend of mine. Perhaps another source of inspiration for your found art:

  2. Great page you recommended. Thanks for visiting, Lara. xox

  3. I love collage Linda, and your cards look fantastic. Love those cheeky owls! Loads of my collage ends up on my website to accompany poetry, it’s just a natural fit...isn’t it...fantasy images for fantasy works. Oh, that reminds me to get on the photographing my cards business. :)

  4. Thanks for visiting, Veronica. Can't wait to see your cards! :-)


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