Friday, July 6, 2012

How to Change a Mood with Poetry

So the other day my kids were both grumpy and complaining, which made me grumpy, too.

Frustrated about their behavior, I pulled out my journal to write some poetry. Instead I started writing down every complaint they spouted off. I was going to read it to them to show them how irritating they sounded.

Slowly, the scowling faces turned to smiles and then to laughter. I had two pages of ridiculous remarks and had succeeded in shifting their moods (and mine too).

Here’s a sampling (written out of order):

Mom Mom Mom Moooommmm
Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom
Mom, can we switch blankets?
This blanket is itchy.
Can we please walk to a place? A food place.
I’m starving. I’m going to die.
Dude, can you sit down?
It got all quiet when my air got skinny.
Look, Dad, balloons.
Don’t, don’t, because those aren’t balloons.
They’re vinyl balls.

Okay, I took out the most offensive remarks. Because I want you to walk away laughing, not scowling.

On another note, check out the talented Khara House's "Poetry Form Challenge" during the months of July and August! Because . . . as a parent, I can attest . . . structure is a good thing!

Happy weekend!


  1. LoveloveLOVE this, Linda. Sooooo doing it, next time there's a tirade of ridiculosity. ;)

  2. Absolutely hilarious! There's a Family Guy ad that has the little kid saying "mom mom mom mom mom" about 27 times, and when the poor, beleaguered mother finally answers "What?", the kid says "Hi" and runs away. My kids saw it, thought it hilarious, & proceeded to do it to me. Repeatedly. That's what I thought of when I read your first 2 examples!

    Love your idea & may have to try it sometime!