Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Poetry Writing

I've been trying very hard to pump out a poem a day. Sometimes I am content with my creation and other times, I think, "Eh." The point though, is that I'm getting practice and developing a routine.

Here is one I scribbled down yesterday while waiting for my daughter to finish her horseback riding lesson:

Superhero Status is all in the Mind

Wonder Woman took a break
from catching criminals for her appointment
with home-organizer specialist, Lydia.
Weary of losing her superhero attire
amongst piles of unlaundered
spit cloths and the bucket of reusable
diapers, one time even locating it on the top
rack of her dishwasher, Wonder Woman was forever
grateful to Lydia for saving her world.

Think of a superhero or cartoon character and put them in an unlikely situation. If you would like to participate, I would enjoy reading your creations in the comment box. 

Thanks! :-)


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