Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Rid of Everything (except Writing and Reading)

I have been focused on things other than poetry lately and I miss it. 

At the same time, I’ve been constantly sitting with words, reading and writing, writing and reading. I needed something active, so I pulled out my collage supplies and put together a couple of new cards. 

Collage Art Poetry by Linda G Hatton
Promises of Love - a Collage Poem

Life Stories

his style.
But there's 
the visible sign
of new youth.
the Red of the sea.
he is the length of 
a good 
every day.


Collage Art Poetry by Linda G Hatton
Downsizing (a Vision Board)

Downsizing (a Vision Board)

Roll with It.
imagine serenity
to be amazed!


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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Toast (Veronica's Drawing Challenge)

Photo and Artwork by Linda G Hatton
Mastering Minimalism

I make a toast 
to the year ahead, 
full of possibilities, 
full of letting go, 
leaving my bread
full of everything 
and nothing,
full of looking back
and looking ahead,
nothing to do 
but move forward
from the mirror 
back to the clock, 
my knife ready
for new spreads.

A poetry collage inspired by Veronica Roth's drawing challenge. 

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Theme of the Year

Do you ever notice that your years have themes?

Last January, I had a spiritual reading in which I was told 2014 would be my year of “nose to the grindstone.” That turned out to be true. I also noticed though, that it was my year of the purge. I let go of many things that no longer seemed to fit into my life. The older I get, the more minimalism attracts me. Of course I have trouble imagining giving up the things that feed my soul. Things like my books, my art supplies, and the gorgeous jewelry handmade by my mother that she has gifted me.

Forced outside of my comfort zone many times in 2014, it was one of my most difficult years yet. However, the benefits of that discomfort made it worthwhile. The best problem I said good-bye to was my swollen lymph nodes. Through a bit of hard work and magic, I healed a lump in my lower cheek that had baffled every doctor I asked about it over the years.

Photo by Anita Berghoef
Like a Branch Waiting to Bloom

During that same spiritual reading, I was told that 2015 would be my “social year.” I really hope that’s true. I could use more fun times with friends and family. I still have things to purge from my life—not only material things, but habits I no longer need. I am ready and open for new experiences. I've already noticed a theme in the books I've chosen to read. Wild and free. I could live with that.

So what about you? Did 2014 have a theme for you?


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Pushcart Prize Nominations Announced

Although the deadline for Pushcart Prize nominations snuck up on me this year, I am getting our nominations mailed out this week; a huge thank you to Carrie Wicks for assisting in the selection process. 

Please visit the Mouse Tales Press blog for the nominations. Thank you!

Artwork by Linda G Hatton


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Catching up with Poetry

I took a bit of a hiatus from blogging over the last several months. I've missed it, but I’ve learned some new things in life. 

Like last week, I learned that I use my geometry skills when I sew. Maybe that’s why putting together (or drawing) pattern pieces sometimes hurts my brain.

I learned that love helps me to accomplish things I may not have otherwise done (or even had the belief I could do). For instance, even though I haven’t sewn much in around twenty or so years, I built an entire cosplay costume for my daughter in about five days. All in the name of love.

Photo of Piper by Linda G Hatton
Piper as Satsuki

I learned that I could heal health problems I've had for five years using only natural methods. That was a miracle to me. Sometime I will go into detail about that.

For now, can you believe it’s nearly mid-November? I have only written a few poems for the November PAD challenge. I was going to try to catch up, but I think I will just do what I can (thanks, Pearl!). There are some things going on in this crazy world that have made me sad. For now, I will leave them in this poem, written using the prompts from day one through day thirteen.

Photo by Kevin Brandon
She Rode off into the Distance

Her Life Was Not Optional

I’m game, she said. Our time together,
again, has come to a close, we’ve pulled
the last blanket up on her, on days of playing
super hero. Keep this between us
I am happy now where I am. It was her
compulsion to become timeless, both seen
and unseen all at once, something in the news,
someone people would talk about forever.
We all hope she is happy now wherever
she is, having blinded us all—those who knew her
and those who did not—by the pain she left
that night on the train even after it pushed on.


  1. Game Over
  2. Together Again
  3. Blanket
  4. Write a super hero poem/Write a super heroine poem.
  5. Keep this (blank)
  6. Happy now poem
  7. Compulsion
  8. Write a “blind” poem
  9. Write about something in the news
  10. (Blank) Trouble
  11. Timely poem/Timeless poem
  12. Write about something that cannot be seen
  13. Optional


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