Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lucky Cards Led Us to Gold

That's right. A goldfinch took my friend and I to Placerita Nature Center, the location of California's first gold rush.

That goldfinch was this little bird, the second animal I've found with a leg injury this week—the first one being a bunny with broken legs.

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Our Love Perked Him Up

My friend and I had been walking along finding cards to add to the collection we started yesterday.

Photo by Linda G Hatton

When it seemed there weren't any more, we continued on up the hill and found one more in a direction we don't normally travel on our daily walks.

Photo by Linda G Hatton

After deciding to take that route to "follow the cards," we found the injured bird and decided he was probably the reason we needed to walk that way. 

Once we got a box for him, we took him to Placerita where he will be rehabbed and then released back to where we found him because as the ranger reminded us, "Birds are monogamous." I was so happy. I hope he's okay and that he'll be reunited with his love!


Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Cards of Life (Four of Diamonds)

Funny, my son brought up the number four recently. Twice. And today on my walk there it was again.

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Four of Diamonds

You know me. I'm not one to come across something random without looking up the meaning. This is what I found at The Cards of Life: "Self-reliant, pragmatic and straight-forward, financial stability comes to Four of Diamonds people through a solid work ethic." 

But wait. There's more. 

A six . . . er, four . . . of spades. And a queen of clubs. 

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Six (or Four?) of Spades

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Queen of Clubs

The meaning of these other two adds up to pretty much the same thing. I've been working my butt off and will find success if I keep it up. Let's hope so. April's poem-a-day challenge is coming up and I really want to participate. 


Monday, February 16, 2015

Things We Have Learned (a Poem)

Okay, so the word "Have" is missing from the art because I haven't found (or created) it yet. Also, as you will see I did not type up the punctuation exactly the way it shows on the art. 

Artwork and photo by Linda G Hatton
Things We Have Learned

Things We Have Learned

How one her from the beautiful
life beyond pulls off
the now thing.
The art of I
making the issue
From eye
to we to me.
into a thriving


After editing all day, it felt really nice to slap paint onto paper and cut up words with scissors. Aaaahhhh . . . good night.


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Word and Photo Potpourri (a Collage Poem)

Life is busy. It's still easier to cut and paste. 

Art by Linda G Hatton
A Collage Poem

Hot & Cool

You are
on-the-go beauty
everyone loves
on the street.
You return passion to promise.
You guarantee
40 pages of decadent
secrets. You
my wet


Keeping it short tonight, so I can get back to my callings.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

Get Rid of Everything (except Writing and Reading)

I have been focused on things other than poetry lately and I miss it. 

At the same time, I’ve been constantly sitting with words, reading and writing, writing and reading. I needed something active, so I pulled out my collage supplies and put together a couple of new cards. 

Collage Art Poetry by Linda G Hatton
Promises of Love - a Collage Poem

Life Stories

his style.
But there's 
the visible sign
of new youth.
the Red of the sea.
he is the length of 
a good 
every day.


Collage Art Poetry by Linda G Hatton
Downsizing (a Vision Board)

Downsizing (a Vision Board)

Roll with It.
imagine serenity
to be amazed!


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