Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Cliff’s Edge

On a twelve-hundred mile trek
     twice a year, 
my past nipping at my rear—

I’ve lost the ability
to know what’s below
the drop-               

time’s running out
the bluff taller than I recall

Take a chance /
Don’t be a fool /
                L e a p . . .

Enjoy the View

For today's prompt, write a foolish poem. The poem could be about a fool, about being fooled, about fooling someone, or whatever other foolish direction you wish to take it. But don't fool with this prompt for too long; we'll have another one ready to roll tomorrow.

* * * 


  1. The fool wanted to be wise and took a leap off the curb and landed in a rainbow puddle. "Aha" he I see.

  2. Nice! I enjoy the double meaning in bluff . . . Atleast that's how I gathered it. I'm writing this year too only I've been writing in my journal. I'm feeling the pull to share online again though! Thank you for the inspiration! Happy writing to you!