Saturday, November 2, 2019

A Letter to My Other Half

Why can’t we
ever agree?
I say yes.
You say no.
I say A.
You say Z.
Some call us
but we’re a perfect
You’re the heater
to my cold hands,
the push
to my pause,
the miracle cream
to my wrinkles,
the pen
to my pad.
When we’re
old & senile,
I suppose
we’ll see
all along we agreed
on everything
A & Z.

Photo of Wolf Pack by Quapaw from FreeImages
We Make the Perfect Pack

For today’s prompt, write an alpha poem. Of course, you could write a poem about an alpha male or alpha female (or some other play on alpha this or that). Or you can move into the realm of an alphabet poem–focusing on all 26 letters or just one (or a pair).

* * *

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