Friday, May 1, 2015

Bury the Journals (a Poem)

Even though the PAD challenge is over, I'm still in a poeming mood. (I wrote the one below yesterday though.)

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Our Pages Are Now Blank

Bury the Journals

and bury them without
protection. Let two dozen
earthworms eat them up,
purify the college-ruled
pages of our past.
Bury them at mid-
                life on the eve
of  the fullest moon.
Save your time
capsule for something
important like that lavish
crumbling cork,
a stopper
for our whispers
                spilling out,
generating red
inky pages
                of me-
mories I’d rather forget.



  1. This was gorgeous and poignant - loved:

    "Bury them at mid-
    life on the eve
    of the fullest moon. "

    1. Darn. Commented in the wrong place yet again. Thanks, Mosk. I appreciate your comments!