Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Cards of Life (Four of Diamonds)

Funny, my son brought up the number four recently. Twice. And today on my walk there it was again.

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Four of Diamonds

You know me. I'm not one to come across something random without looking up the meaning. This is what I found at The Cards of Life: "Self-reliant, pragmatic and straight-forward, financial stability comes to Four of Diamonds people through a solid work ethic." 

But wait. There's more. 

A six . . . er, four . . . of spades. And a queen of clubs. 

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Six (or Four?) of Spades

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Queen of Clubs

The meaning of these other two adds up to pretty much the same thing. I've been working my butt off and will find success if I keep it up. Let's hope so. April's poem-a-day challenge is coming up and I really want to participate. 


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