Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Theme of the Year

Do you ever notice that your years have themes?

Last January, I had a spiritual reading in which I was told 2014 would be my year of “nose to the grindstone.” That turned out to be true. I also noticed though, that it was my year of the purge. I let go of many things that no longer seemed to fit into my life. The older I get, the more minimalism attracts me. Of course I have trouble imagining giving up the things that feed my soul. Things like my books, my art supplies, and the gorgeous jewelry handmade by my mother that she has gifted me.

Forced outside of my comfort zone many times in 2014, it was one of my most difficult years yet. However, the benefits of that discomfort made it worthwhile. The best problem I said good-bye to was my swollen lymph nodes. Through a bit of hard work and magic, I healed a lump in my lower cheek that had baffled every doctor I asked about it over the years.

Photo by Anita Berghoef
Like a Branch Waiting to Bloom

During that same spiritual reading, I was told that 2015 would be my “social year.” I really hope that’s true. I could use more fun times with friends and family. I still have things to purge from my life—not only material things, but habits I no longer need. I am ready and open for new experiences. I've already noticed a theme in the books I've chosen to read. Wild and free. I could live with that.

So what about you? Did 2014 have a theme for you?



  1. We share a similar theme: purge. I began the year with 'move' as my intentional word and move it did but purging came along side. Perhaps it was to make room for the 'move'ment. I'm still waiting for my 2015 intentional word.

    1. How interesting that we shared that theme. I will be interested to hear what you come up with for 2015. Wishing you happiness and good health!

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