Friday, July 18, 2014

Last Dance with You (a Golden Shovel)

Still digging through words for a Golden Shovel I will love. Not quite there yet. (See my poem below.)
Still Dancing in the Shadows

Last Dance with You
after “Dancing Toward Bethlehem” by Billy Collins
I have expired like discarded minutes
passing by, never to be held onto, like the death of
words that wouldn’t come out, the
way I waded through the twentieth
relationship trying to find my way back to that century
where minutes ticked longer than sixty seconds, for
a chance to have one
more hour that we could last
in another destiny where broken hearts and minutes dance.

(This poem uses the original line "minutes of the twentieth century for one last dance" by Billy Collins to make up the end words.)
* * * * *


  1. well, I sort of like this one.

    I've written three for the challenge so far and really only like one of them. This really is a neat form, but also not easy.

  2. I agree, Linda. It is not an easy form. But fun to try!
    And thank you for the compliment. (I think. LOL!!!) :-)