Sunday, March 2, 2014

You Can Do This with Your Blog! (How to Point your Blogger Blog to a New Domain)

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How to Have More Time

It’s hard to believe it’s March already. I had some things in mind I wanted to accomplish this year, one of which was figuring out what to do about my blog situation.

I’ve been writing here on the whatnot shop since 2009, but sometime in the last year I decided to purchase a domain name to use as my official writer page, Linda G Hatton. In the meantime, I started a WordPress blog with that same name.

I had three pages going, plus Mouse Tales Press (which I also intend to redesign this year).

Finding inspiration from my friend, Carol (see below for her blogs), I finally redirected the whatnot shop (the header name of this page) to Linda G Hatton (the new URL).

Am I being confusing? 

Look up. Although my header is still the whatnot shop, if a visitor types in, they will be brought to

It’s so exciting! (I admit I’m easily amused.)

So how did I do it?

How to Redirect Your Blog

You need to redirect your blog to point to the new domain. Log into the website where you purchased your domain name. And although I learned how to do this . . . *cough* . . . years ago when I took web design classes, I needed to refresh my memory. So I followed the steps at this awesome page I found and that is where I am redirecting you. (Yes, click on "awesome page.")


If you have any questions, I’d be happy to try to help. Just put them into the comments section and I’ll see what I can do.

Cleaning up Your Blog Trails

For now I don’t have to worry about taking down my former Linda G Hatton site (which I had created using Weebly); it’s already gone.

My next step is posting an announcement on my WordPress blog that I am no longer posting there and to visit my new site (this one) for current updates.

I am thrilled to have my websites nearly consolidated. I already feel a weight lifted at the amount of time it’s going to save me.

And now I have more time for doing other things like writing, copyediting, and taking photographs. Here is one I took a while back:

Photo by Linda G Hatton
Going with the Flow

And dare I say it? Maybe even more time for blogging! 


My friend Carol’s blogs:

Carol Early Cooney - Musings on a Life
EPS Foot Docs - We Care for your Feet (Where she blogs about keeping your feet healthy)



  1. WOW! Thank you so much. Your company makes this journey so much lighter. Thank you for all your friendship.