Monday, February 11, 2013

The Clean-Up Crew - Random Acts of Kindness

My daughter was invited to join the Honor Society and to join, she is required to do ten hours of community service. The two places I thought would best suit her personality only take volunteers 14-years and older (she's 13), so my husband and I gathered the troops and our equipment (work gloves and garbage bags), and took them down to the Santa Clara river bed where we spent two hours wandering around, gathering trash.

Photo by Linda G Hatton

While we were working, my son made a comment about how so many people don’t care about the world. We had a talk about random acts of kindness; I explained that when you do something nice for someone, it will make them feel good and hopefully inspire them to do something nice for someone else. And in that small way, he can make a difference.

The Clean-Up Crew
Photo by David Hatton
The kids did great! (I didn't get permission to have my daughter's friend in the photo, so I cut her out.)

The best moment was when a man and his son rode by on their bikes; they stopped to thank us for our service. Definitely a feel-good moment and it made it even more worth it, reinforcing to my kids that helping the community matters.

She still has hours to fulfill. Tutoring a friend in History, running a Sock Doll Surprise auction to benefit The Gentle Barn, or mucking stalls have all come up. We’ll see what she winds up doing.

Do you ever take your kids to do community service? Do you have unique ideas to share?

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!



  1. What a heart-warming story, Linda.
    The Sock Doll Surprise grabbed my attention.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  2. Aww .. thanks, Amy! I guess I should have linked it to her Facebook Sock Doll Surprise page. (Adding the link above now.)
    Thanks so much for your comment!

  3. What great lessons for the kids, Linda. For all of us, really, but so much is going to fall on their shoulders. Your children will be ready!

  4. This is SO heartwarming!! How wonderful that they already see the value of giving. That speaks volumes about YOU Linda :)