Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Novel Editing

I'm finally buckling down and zoning in on the much-needed editing of my work-in-progress. I just have one question:

  • How many ways can you write one sentence? 
  • Anyone want to play along??

Okay, sorry. That was two questions.

Seriously though, I want to do this if anyone is game.

I looked through some of my works-in-progress, but didn't feel daring enough to use one of those today. Here is a status update I wrote on Facebook after a holiday weekend.

Anyone care to try?? All you need to do is to say this sentence using different words?

          "For being a short week, this is the longest week ever."

Okay, go!


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1 comment:

  1. Even though it's been a week containing less than the normal amount of time allotted to work and/or school, the past seven days have seemingly stretched out to encompass an infinite number of hours.

    Are you smiling? ;-)