Friday, April 13, 2012

Platform Challenge - Day 13 (And a Tanka!)

So when I thought I was going to be flooded with work, I had no idea what I was manifesting. This morning, I got my Platform Challenge – Day 13 out of the way and decided to wait on doing my P90X exercises.

Thank goodness I waited.

A thunderstorm moved in, so I thought I’d better shut down my computer. I decided to make some protein bars I’d found a recipe for.

Meanwhile the house lit up and rumbled from thunder, and I tried to calm my trembling dog.
After a bit, I had a seat on my sofa and noticed that my patio was having some problems with the deluge of water flowing over the sides of the wash near my house. So I put on the handy rain boots my daughter gave me the other day . . .

. . . and proceeded to sandbag the house, brushing the water off to the side.

After dealing with it all, I decided to check on my garden to see if it had survived. What did I find? My first edible treat!

And my garden is a-okay.

Now that the storm has passed, I have two yummy treats to enjoy – protein bars and a fresh strawberry. And I even got that workout in!

As for all that writing I planned on doing, well, I got something written down. A Tanka!


The Flood

Brownish water creeps,
scribbled lightning flash fiction,
flowing writing past
pen to patio,
brushing, sweeping thoughts aside.