Friday, June 17, 2011

Guinea Pig Grooming Day (And Other Random Talk)

Since my kids are on summer vacation, I have been getting up early to get some writing time in. Once they are awake, it’s on to other things.

Yesterday, we got our piggies together and shuffled them off to the pet grooming salon to have their nails trimmed.

After a squeak-filled pedicure, next stop was the pet store to pick up some supplies. When we got there, my daughter opened her pig, Megan’s, carrier so she could get a look at the boy guinea pigs, who by the way, thought she was pretty cute.

When my daughter peeked inside her carrier though, she saw blood. Not just a little blood, but quite a bit of it on the towel she was sitting on. It turns out her nails had been cut too far down. The groomers at the pet store told us to apply Styptic Powder to stop the bleeding. First, we had to get the poor girl cleaned of all the blood on her belly. So into the bath she went.

We filled a tub with lukewarm water and gently placed Megan into the water. Squeaks and serenity filled every strand of her furry being. She even enjoyed it when we lathered her.

Once out of the water, Megan sat wrapped in a towel, swaddled like a baby until she was dry. While in the water, the bleeding had stopped. However, by this time, it started dripping again.

With the help of a moistened cotton ball, I dipped it into the Styptic Powder and gently squeezed her toenail with it. After about 10 seconds, the bleeding stopped. Whew!

When Megan was dry, back into her clean cage she went. And then it was Bambe’s turn for a bath, which was not as much of a joyful experience for her.

She was ecstatic to be cuddled in my arms while she dried though.

Then my son headed off for a sleep-over, so my daughter and I worked on finishing another sock doll. We also got our June Fundraising Auction up and running! Half of the selling price will go towards Arthritis Research. Here's a photo of the doll we're auctioning...

I'm sorry to admit that I still haven’t tried that vegan homemade ice cream because I got a horrible craving for chocolate covered strawberries. Fifteen minutes in the kitchen and voila, my longing was satisfied.

And they are even better when dipped in whipping cream. Mmmmm ... I'll be back later. I think there are a couple of strawberries left calling my name...

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