Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Double Double

Double double.

Oddly enough that saying has come up … twice … in the past few days, each time in a different context. And for those who know me, you already know that when something keeps poking its head into my existence, I take it as a sign.

The first time it came up was when I was teaching my son his times tables. There are quite a few tricks for learning multiplication, one of which is the “double double” or “double twice” trick with the 4s. Take the number that 4 is being multiplied by and “double double” it (or double twice) to get the answer.

The second time I saw this term was when I was learning some meditation tricks from Burt Goldman. Burt explains on his blog, “This is one of the most powerful techniques I use and it's called The Duo Technique or the Double Double as I call it. Use it for anything that is bothering you, from the past or present and for recurring problems in your life.”

Although there are some skeptics of Burt’s systems, I personally love his work. You can see how the Double Double works by watching his video.

So these are the two occurrences that happened in my life of “Double Double.” What else does this saying make you think of? Yes, you guessed right. Shakespeare’s MacBeth.

Theater. Acting. Writing. Hmmm … someone is just helping me to stay on the path towards my goals, I suppose (either that or it was a reminder that Halloween is coming).

By the way, did you realize that November is right around the corner? You do know what that means, right? National Novel Writing Month. Here is my NaNoWriMo profile page if anyone would like to be my writing buddy.

Now get me an ice cream cone. Make it a double double scoop.
Or an espresso … a double double shot, please. Monday is almost here ... :-)


  1. Reading that brought me a double double smile.
    =) =)
    =) =)

  2. You are awesome, awesome!! Thank you for reading ... and commenting. xoxox