Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunglasses Used As Coffee Replacements???

This past week has been quite stressful. My health issues have been nagging for my attention. So I finally listened and gave up coffee. After the initial withdrawal headaches, I feel much better.

Diet has always been a focus for me. Having started on the road to vegetarianism at age 19 by giving up chicken, and then red meat a couple of years later. After that, I moved on to a vegan diet and finally became raw. Maintaining this diet over the past 20 years has been a challenge since I married a meat-eater, and I eventually found myself slipping back into eating dairy and eggs once again.

Then my lymph node issues last summer caused me to give up soy and start eating seafood, although I feel guilty about it when I do.

 At that time, I also went on a gluten, sugar, and coffee free diet. I was basically eating vegetables, seafood, brown rice (including brown rice pasta), and drinking herbal teas, including Yerba Mate.

This year, my ever-evolving diet brought me back to old habits, and so here I am kicking the coffee habit once more. I just signed up for the Teeccino newsletter and am awaiting my sample. It is a coffee replacement that is brewed in a coffee maker, a ritual that is emotionally fulfilling for me.

Also, in an effort to get my health back, I have started exercising six times a week, including running with my son at his track practices. Today I was supposed to run a 100-yard-dash for Mother’s Day, although I wound up not participating because we would have all had to sit around for hours in the hot sun waiting for the event to start. I had better things to do … like enjoying one of my favorite hangouts, Barnes and Noble. 

When we arrived back home, I found the box of sunglasses I had ordered through a deal on My Bargain Buddy, an awesome discount website (be sure to sign up for the newsletter and fan them on Facebook)! I bought 10 pairs of sunglasses for $10!! I always love a deal and it was like a treasure hunt.  Here is a sampling of what I received …

Goodbye, Coffee!! I love you! It’s too bad that you don’t love me back! I can survive without you though, especially when there are so many other things in life to enjoy - my family, of course, but also including bookstores, and my new sunglasses!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there!!

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